PRAYAS EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED is the custodian of the Brand Name “JAMUN TREE”. The Company formally started commercial operations in the year 2005. After initial years of assessing the market and customer needs and identifying the niche for itself as a brand the company decided to position itself as a brand which would focus on retailing of Indo-western Loungewear for women. The first retail store was established in the end of year 2009. Since then the brand has added on an average 1 store per year and expanded purely on “word of mouth” and without any advertising support.

Currently we operate 6 Retail Stores in the National Capital Region (Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon) which are managed and run by the company. The expansion is based on the policy that each store should be independently profitable. Further it is looking to grow by way of collaborating with likeminded entrepreneurs (specially women) outside the company’s direct reach.

As a brand we have tried to adhere as close as possible to the approach of value adding in every area and to every stakeholder whether it be our own employees, vendors or customers by proactively engaging with them and nurturing relationships on the basis of strong ethics and mutual respect. We consistently endeavor to refine our process and strengthen our weak areas in order to reinforce our standing and conviction in our business approach.

It has been a very fulfilling journey for us till now and we hope to continue to strive to enlarge our circle of influence by extending our business to areas which are contributory in whatever small way, whether it be to the artisans, our employees, our customers or even those who are not directly related to our company’s area of work in future.